‘Set Aside Prayer’ & Awakening

From assignment #1 of the Twelve Steps to Spiritual Awakening Workshop - Step Twelve (part 1) by Herb Kaighan

‘Set Aside Prayer’ & Awakening

My current set aside prayer

“God, please set aside everything that I think I know about myself, my unmanageability, my spiritual path, and You, for an open mind and a new experience of myself, my unmanageability, my spiritual path, and especially YOU.”

I’m asked to start integrating this Set Aside Prayer into my Emotional Sobriety Practice through morning prayer and meditation. I also am instructed to recite this prayer every time I begin doing any part of these workshop assignments

Surely, I could experiment with a recitation of MY Set Aside Prayer at any point during the day when a breaching of my old thoughts/habits/beliefs is needed.

The point is a spiritual awakening

Insights I’ve gathered from reading from the Big Book Appendix II, “Spiritual Experience,” pages 567-568

What is a Spiritual Experience?

  • Sudden and spectacular upheavals
  • Sudden revolutionary changes
  • An immediate and overwhelming “God-consciousness” followed at once by a vast change in feelings and outlook
  • The analogy of the “light switch”; all at once, profound, immediate

How is it different from a Spiritual Awakening?

  • Experiences of the “educational variety”
  • Develop slowly, over a period of time
  • Friends of the newcomer are often aware of this difference before he is of himself
  • Takes place in a few months; could seldom have been accomplished by years of self-discipline
  • The analogy of the “dimmer switch”; gradual, subtle, unconscious; “I didn’t know that I was changing”

How are they the same?

  • The personality change sufficient to bring about recovery from alcoholism
  • Religious experiences
  • Transformations
  • A profound alteration in his reaction to life
  • A change that could hardly have been brought about by himself alone
  • Tappen an inner resource which they presently identify with their own conception of a Power greater than themselves
  • Awareness of a Power greater than ourselves
  • “God-consciousness”

General Reminder: The assignment completion process may be more beneficial for me when I prayerfully and consistently do some of this work every day, in between the formal workshops.