Masculinity in Recovery Resurrection

I’ve awoken this morning willing to re-devote myself to this project, for a new understanding of what my soul requires to evolve into consciousness

Masculinity in Recovery Resurrection

Masculinity in Recovery
Spiritual Awakening
My Path to Freedom

Emotional sobriety of a modern man (hey, that’s me!)

Resurrection of the Masculinity in Recovery blog project

  • Focus of content and perspective = my individual experience of Recovery through spiritual awakening, as a man
  • Setting aside all of the content produced previously
  • Drawing on the lessons I’ve gleaned in programs of addiction recovery, therapy, and spiritual seeking
  • Not predicated on counting days of sobriety; narrowing the spotlight of attention in the spirit of “One Day at a Time”; looking over my shoulder at the distance traveled
  • Following the 12 Step lineage taught by Herb Kaighan to guide my practice at this point of new beginnings, along with the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, my home community, and my Sponsor
  • According to the information I’ve received and the experiences I’ve undergone, I do identify as an Alcoholic, Addict, and spiritually sick person ~ seeking a daily reprieve is my aspiration
  • 100% free offering of content (my experience)
  • $3.33 monthly recurring donation for membership to a weekly email digest ~ highlighted lessons and channeled interpretations of my spiritual insights
  • Fair Use copyright claim, non-commercial

I live in the practice of Emotional Sobriety
With faith in the promise of Spiritual Awakening
So that I may witness the process of Personal Transformation

I’m cycling out the old description of my blog, “Reclaiming Divine Masculinity through Sobriety, Compassion, and Integrity”

Replacing it with, “Awakening of a Modern Man”

2022-10-03 Monday
Walla Walla, WA