Launch of the Masculinity in Recovery blog: What? Why? How?

This founding text for the Masculinity in Recovery (MiR) blog. Presenting the topics and issues MiR will discuss as well as what content will be included and how it will be created/published.

Launch of the Masculinity in Recovery blog: What? Why? How?

This blog is composed of personal experiences, community contributions, research, reflections, and premium content.

This is the flagship post for Masculinity in Recovery (MiR for short). Consider this document as the founding charter for this movement.

What follows is a single-source-of-truth document to be referenced as I work in service to this blog’s mission.

  1. Focusing statement of purpose (WHY)
  2. Listing of categories and topics covered (WHAT)
  3. Manual of operating procedures (HOW)

This page will be updated periodically and its contents don't exist anywhere other than on this static webpage.

WHY? The Purpose of Masculinity in Recovery

Before I introduce a potentially sensitive and politically correct or incorrect topic, allow me to summarize my “Why?” for creating this blog in the first place.

I realize that each of us men have a collective duty to purify masculinity on a global scale, from the inside out.

With that out of the way, I want to share my story about a poem I wrote in response to the news cycle in America on the date of May 25th, 2020.

This is the genesis for Masculinity in Recovery.

I want to share a poem I wrote following the newsbreak of the death of man named George Floyd.

After witnessing the tragedy of the event and subsequent response from the public, I realized something that disturbed me profoundly. Beneath the contemporary racial and social justice issues brought to light in response to the incident resulting in George Floyd’s death, a simple fact rung true in my mind:

Men are still killing EACHOTHER.

I asked — Why are men continuing to kill other men in this day and age?

From this single question, a barrage of derivative questions continue to emerge

  • Why are men continuing to abuse themselves through addiction and self-destructive tendencies?
  • Why are men continuing to abuse women (physically and emotionally)?
  • Why do men continue to deceive, manipulate, and otherwise use people for their personal gain?

Not ALL men are guilty, mind you. But certain men, at certain times, fall into the role of perpetrator in one or more of the abovementioned scenarios.

Ultimately, I’ve had to ask myself the toughest question of them all:

Why have I committed such atrocities against myself and at the expense of others?

Finally, what we should all be asking ourselves as mem:

  • How do I make amends for the damage I’ve done?
  • How do I heal from the wrongs done against me?
  • How do I attain Recovery and Enlightenment?
  • How do I pursue what we might call Divine Masculinity?

The culmination of these questions, when such answers are truly desired, marks the character of a man seeking Masculinity in Recovery.


Masculinity in Recovery is a blog dedicated to the emotional and spiritual recovery of Men so that our societies benefit from healthy masculinity the world over.

The concept of Masculinity in Recovery

Our planet needs male human beings to recover fully from so-called “toxic-masculinity” and problems of Addiction. We believe this is achieved by embracing the best aspects of Masculine AND Feminine energies throughout male culture.

MiR is a synthesis of the solutions offered by programs of recovery for the treatment of addiction (alcohol, drugs, sex, etc.) AND the development of healthy masculinity in the world’s population of men.

We’re gonna talk about developing Men and we’re gonna talk about Recovery from Addiction.

Addiction as the root of suffering

What follows are lists of Keyword search terms that this blog is concerned with:

recovery, addiction, depression

male, men’s, masculine ______ (strengths/issues)

  1. RECOVERY: addiction treatment, therapy, mental health, spirituality, emotional health, recovery for men, recovery programs, sexual health
  2. MASCULINITY: healthy masculinity, divine masculinity, positive masculinity, caring masculinity, modern masculinity, masculine energy, what it means to be a man, good men, ideal masculinity, true masculinity, femininity
  3. MEN'S ISSUES: men’s psychology, relationships, male gender roles, sex, gender inequality, sexism, homophobia, racism, toxic masculinity, male culture, men’s health


My Rules for Creating posts on the MiR Blog

  1. Use the Post Template in my Notion app to draft each post from the Ideation through Scheduling phases
  2. Collect, Outline, Write, Create, etc.
  3. Move all content under the NOTES section in my Post Template to the Post Content page within the template
  4. Continue writing and editing the post within the Post Content page until complete
  5. Move any unused content back to the NOTES section in Post Template
  6. When the final draft of a post is completed, keep it all in the Post Content page — Lock the page in Notion (also change the flag icon🚩 into a lock symbol 🔒)

NOTE: This is perhaps the ONLY post that I should ever need to revise over time. It’s my intention to be flexible with all operational concerns regarding this blog. However, I shall remain unwavering to the core mission of “Masculinity in Recovery” throughout the lifetime of this undertaking.

Types of Posts based on Subscriber Levels

  1. FREE: general information articles, journaling prompts and reflections, SEO optimized
  2. REGISTERED: Follow along with my Daily journal and reflections on my own Masculinity in Recovery. An over-the-shoulder look at my journey of MiR ♂in🔺, freeform writing, confessions, journaling, personal reflections
  3. PAID: Coaching lessons, instructional guides, detailed recovery programs, plans worksheets and resource materials, student curricula and courses, eBooks, published copyrighted,

A member of this community is regarded as a capital M capital R MisteR+ lastname. For example, I am MR. Townsend.


  1. Alcoholics Anonymous
  2. Refuge Recovery
  3. To Be A Man
  4. The Way of Men

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