How to Question Prayerfully

I nearly missed my “assignment” to prayerfully answer these two questions from Herb’s first workshop video, so I hope I’ve done so correctly

How to Question Prayerfully

More from week #1 assignments with Herb K's Twelve Steps to Spiritual Awakening workshop.

What Richard Rohr taught Herb about asking questions prayerfully:

“We ask a question in the milieu of prayer, and we hold the question – an asked but unanswered question – in prayer and allow the Spirit to bubble the question and to take us to a place that we don’t even know exists.”

Ask a question and hold it. Ready. Aim. Fire.
Hold the question and then write an answer.

Prayerfully ask myself these questions in the milieu of the Serenity Prayer & Set Aside Prayer.

  1. What am I here in this workshop?
  2. What is my primary source of suffering?

Addition Instructions

  1. Pause and hold the question for a little while
  2. Then, write my answer
  3. Date my written response
“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.” — Serenity Prayer

Why am I participating in Herb K's workshop?

I need God’s help to change and direct my willpower:

  • So that I can learn how to be more useful to others.
  • Because I find that I really am powerless to change myself, and I desperately want to change/be changed for maximal usefulness.
  • Because I need something to do in order to feel like I'm participating in my own Recovery.
  • For direction and purpose in working my 12 Steps of Recovery from alcoholism.
  • For assignments and shared experiences of others working on their Recovery
  • Because I don't think I really have found a spirituality that works in my life, that I work into my life.
  • To give myself over to God completely.

What is my primary source of suffering?

I cannot change by myself, of my own willpower:

  • I don't feel that I have a connection with God or a higher power through a personal relationship.
  • I feel that I don't belong anywhere, with any group of people that I actually like. I don't feel like I trust or really like most people for long.
  • Not having a tangible group of people in my life that I relate to as community or family.
  • That I don't really connect with my own experience of reality or share myself authentically with others.
  • Causing harm.

Response date 2022-10-05