Do I Even Know Meditation, Bro?

Definitions of “meditation” from my dictionaries to understand that I don’t always understand a word as it was intended for me.

Do I Even Know Meditation, Bro?

Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary 11th Ed, 2020

  1. A discourse intended to express its author’s reflections or to guide others in contemplation (like Marcus Aurelius’ book!)
  2. The act or process of meditation

The Compact Edition of the Oxford English Dictionary, 1971

  1. The action, or an act of meditating; continuous thought or musing upon one subject or series of subjects; serious and sustained reflection or mental contemplation
  2. Spec. in religious use: That kind of private devotional exercise which consists in the continuous application of the mind to the contemplation of some religious truth, mystery, or object of reverence, in order that the soul may increase in love of God and holiness of life. B. Used for: The theme of one’s meditation
  3. A discourse, written or spoken, in which a subject (usually religious) is treated in a meditative manner, or which is designed to guide the reader or hearer in meditation

And now I’m getting ready to read from the Big Book, so I’ll do a couple of things first and foremost:

  1. Recite my Set Aside prayer
  2. Reflection on meditation questions
  3. Read and highlight to resonate with questions

“I want all of the Power with none of the Poison” — my idea

In reading and studying books of a constructive nature, it may help for me to parse the content I’m reading into one of three major categories

  1. Problem
  2. Prescription
  3. Promise

(What if I made an interpretive piece of what I’ve just read, as a song or painting?)

So, I’ve now done the reading assignments on Step 11 from the AA Big BOok, along with highlighting. And I’ve read and highlighted this excerpt before… these exact pages… and I’ve even acquired sources of material from outside the book to complement and structure these directions so that I could follow them more easily.

I’ve even printed a document of such instructions months ago and leave it largely untouched, near my prayer cushions/altar space.

So, what’s one new piece of information that I remember from this reading that I can apply to my experience today?

“We let God discipline us in the ways we’ve just outlined…” — paraphrasing quote

Let God be my source of inspiration, director, employer, father, mother, elder, benefactor.

I offer my gratitude and repayment through service as I continue to receive the blessings of a faith-filled life ~ Keeping the moral fibers strong ~

I feel like I should depart from my seat and my studies now — more will be revealed.

13:33 choices between
> Art <> God >< Service <> Love >< Nature <> Health <

… to become (something like) a holistic addiction and mental health counselor, with spirituality front and center, oriented toward youth