Do I believe in the Power of Transformation?

This is a difficult layer of questioning to answer – is personal and self-determined transformation not the celebrated icon (I-can) I’ve worshiped?

Do I believe in the Power of Transformation?

Is my life serial suffering?

  • Unfortunately… yes! Demands, expectations, judgments, disappointment
  • Addicted to many forms of gratification/coping/control
  • No reliable stream of love for myself and life
  • Difficulty maintaining experiences of contentedness, joy, or purpose

Do I really believe my life can be changed?

  • (notice, it didn’t ask if I could change my life)
  • Honestly, I’m having trouble adopting this belief
  • What does help me is recognizing that “I” don’t have to create change within myself – I can allow Power to channel through me

Start a daily, consistent prayer practice – Set Aside Prayer

  • Pray it first thing every morning (when I begin the day)
  • Whenever I prepare to do 12 Step work
  • Become a clean, white slate; to be written upon by the Holy Spirit of the Universe

Try addressing the “Holy Spirit”, as in Herb’s version of the set aside prayer…

“Holy Spirit,
Release me from up til now,
Detach me from after now,
And allow me to be fully present in the now.”

Prayer is not about words, it’s about my intention…
Information does not equal transformation

My 5 primary foci in life, currently: Where transformation might occur

  1. Be supported financially, sustainably
  2. Develop spirituality into relationship with my Higher Power
  3. Cultivate proper use of willpower
  4. Continue devotion to building/exploring relationship with Ivanna
  5. Serve others through a Counseling Career

Taking on Herb’s assignment process
Prayer > Reading > Reflection > Writing > Discussion

Questions to ask myself

– Not for answering – but for considering/reflection ~ in meditation

  • Where is my life not working?
  • How effective are my efforts?
  • Do I really want my life to change?
  • What change(s) would I like? – thoughts, feelings, behavior
  • What is the invitation?

~ Meditation, prayer, and contemplation as Intentional Consciousness ~

Use this line from the Big Book p.568 Appendix II, Spiritual Experience, as a meditation, prompter, springboard:

“Awareness of a Power greater than myself is the essence of a spiritual experience.”

Alignment with Reality ~ Spiritual Awakening ~ Change

Change in how I: Think, feel, behave

Change is done TO us not BY us… but also not without us!

My invitation is to be on my path to waking up…

My transformation of ridding myself of lying/concealing into honesty/transparency! Always willing and trying to change these traits.