Conflict in Sequence of Assignments

My brain is mush... “this all seems to be included within assignment #3 … but I should be moving onto assignment #2 next”

Conflict in Sequence of Assignments

Next Assignment: Concerning Step 11 - prayer and meditation; read Big Book pages 85-88

Search Dictionary: Lookup the word “meditation” in the dictionary and write out the several definitions

It doesn’t feel like the workshop videos and assignment align perfectly

… But I suppose if Herb instructed me to do some part of an assignment during the live recordings of the workshop session… I ought to do that assignment chunk before I move on to the next assignment page, right??

I’m trying not to get lost in the bureaucratic operational technicalities of the workshop assignments… just to complete all that is assigned to me as I identify that I’m actually being given an assignment to stop and complete.

Because I’ve just now seen that in the 2nd video of the workshop, which I’ve been watching as part of the 1st assignment from the workbook, I’m being told to do a part of an assignment that isn’t technically offered in the workbook until assignment #3… why?

When I find conflicting signals within a process such as this, one of my first reactions is to shut it down, or else give it a massive overhaul until it’s complete, and perfect, and absolutely beyond a shadow of a doubt “correct”.

Instead, why not take on what I’m asked to do, as I’m made aware that I’m asked to do it… pausing and attempting to follow all of the instructions I’ve been given, as best I can… then resume my way forward.

My own voice reminding myself why I’m here — why to continue on..

“I’m here in this workshop to learn how to transform elegantly, with God’s influence, to advance a little further toward humankind’s divine evolution.”

So, if I truly want to clear my conscience and know that I’ve done everything that Herb has asked me to do in this workshop, I can sufficiently lay the matter to rest if I:

  1. Check my Descript transcript files for each of the 2 workshop videos I’ve transcribed
  2. Search the transcript content for the directives — the specific instructions — that Herb has given me
  3. Write out, specifically, any of the remaining instructions I have not yet followed in the workshop

Which instructions from the videos might I have overlooked?

An attitude to try on > (I read with the intention of looking for specific directions that the author is giving to me, as in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous)

  • Basically, do the Set Aside prayer all of the time in my work/reading/mornings

Any time I’m given instructions to read from the Big Book, read & highlight with these questions in mind:

  • “What does it mean?”
  • “What’s my experience with what it says?”
  • “How does it apply to me?”
  • “What changes is it inviting me to? – in my concepts, feelings, or behaviors?”
  • “What’s the overall implication of this material?”

Do these two tasks next

  • Look up the word “meditation” in the dictionary and write out definitions
  • Read and highlight pages 85-88 in the Big Book